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Betting in Thailand started at ten centuries ago when Chinese trader introduce their bean game guessing to Thailand people even the king, King Rama III who rules Thailand kingdom for 1824 until 1851 allowed betting activities and dens inside the kingdom to propel tax revenue. Betting habit of Thailand people tend to create crimes because if people lose their betting they will do crimes to get extra money or to cover their debt on previous gambling games, this is the reason betting activities decided as illegal by King Rama V. Betting or gambling became legal again when the Thailand authorities in the mid 1940 decided to increase government income by draw taxes from it. New rules are stricter then before, because betting dens and people who involved in it such as players and bookers are under control by Ministry of Finance. The first legal casino was opened in Pranburi district, South of Bangkok.

Nowadays there are two kinds of legal betting activities that allowed by Thailand government, they are horse racing and government lottery. The legal government lottery was opened in 2003, it is an effective tool to reduce illegal lottery in Thailand as well as a source of tax income. There are still betting option that you can choose to play out, from those two but they are considered as illegal according to Thai’s authority. These are popular betting place in Thailand that you can try, namely

1. Sports betting in Thailand
Sports betting in Thailand are still considered as illegal activities except for horse racing. You can put money on your favorite horse when the race begin at Bangkok Turf Club or in Royal Bangkok Sports club at Henry Dunant road Bangkok, Thailand, but if you don’t have time to watch it live, you are allowed to put your bet on SBOBET. You can also attend the football game and put some bet on it at Rajamangala National Stadium in Bang Kapi, Bangkok but if you don’t prefer local football games you can gain extra income by following the international football game like EURO 2012. As you all know, seven more days the European football cup will start to entertain you and this is a great chance for you to bet on SBOBET. You can analyze your SBOBET odds by watch football online or through your sports TV channel.

2. Casino and various gambling in Phuket.
You can try your luck on Phuket; the islands provide you with complete facilities to make you feel comfort. Hotels, bars, drugstore and etc are made to pamper potential betting enthusiast from Thailand and people from around the globe.

3. Patong and Soi Bangla
This is a great place to spend your night with friends just to waste weekend and also an excellent and affordable place for foreign tourist to experience night live in Thailand. Patong and Soi Bangla are one of the popular places for betting lovers to double their dollars and baht.

Thailand offers you various of betting experiences, you should try one and win some cash. Good luck!